Transforming relationships in schools, organizations and families.

Relationspaces (RS) provides direction in how to enter into effective communication by using a solution-focused approach. It lays a foundation for inclusive, respectful and healthy relationships. In a climate of positive intention, these relationships flourish and successfully address all challenges.

Using solution-focused strategies and tools, we help parents, schools and organizations to foster an intentional approach to relationships, that brings out the best in everyone.

About our founder

Vicky Essebag is a relational communication specialist and thought leader. Her background is in education and family therapy. Vicky is widely known for adapting the Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) model to support effective communication and healthy relationships within schools, organizations and families.

She is a public speaker, instructional leader, a certified solution-focused coach and trainer, and consultant who has presented extensively locally and abroad.

Vicky is also the author of Relationspaces; A Solution-Focused Handbook for Parents - inspiring parents to reflect on the intentionality of communication to support effective parenting, and to improve the whole family.

Vicky Essebag MEd-CPSY, OCT, CSFC - Founder and President, Relationspaces


Parenting expertise

Vicky Essebag has a unique perspective in parenting as she pairs a background in education with experience and expertise as a parent, parenting educator, family therapist and solution-focused coach. She inspires confident and meaningful parenting practices that support well-being for the whole family. Vicky teaches parents to develop an intention that creates a space and sets the tone for inclusive and successful relationships with their children of all ages.

Educational and organizational expertise

Vicky Essebag has an extensive background in education as a teacher, guidance counsellor/department head, curriculum consultant and vice-principal - with expertise in communication, curriculum design and strategic organizational development. Vicky empowers schools, school boards and organizations to develop and implement relational processes that support all stakeholders as they work toward achieving success and well-being for all.

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