A Solution-Focused Handbook for Parents

A gift to yourself as you embark on a mindful reflection of your parenting practice, and as you promote success and well-being within your family.

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  • looking for practical ways in which to improve your parenting practice and style?
  • seeking an improved understanding of your child’s needs and daily experiences?
  • interested in developing a positive relationship with your child while maintaining your authority as a parent?

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Relationspaces is a valuable resource to help you bring your best self to the parenting role, to build a solid foundation for healthy child development, and to establish loving and supportive relationships with your children of all ages. Based on years of practice, Relationspaces offers a climate for positive communication in which parents confidently engage children in productive interactions that result in successful outcomes.

Each chapter carefully explains the 6 Principles of Relationspaces (reflection, strengths, success, action, noticing, hope) which support the parent/child relationship. Case scenarios, sample dialogues, practical tools, and personal exercises, help to integrate each principle into daily life.

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About the author

Vicky Essebag MEd-CPSY, OCT, CSFC, is a thought leader in solution-focused communication.

Vicky pairs her extensive background in education as a teacher, guidance counselor, curriculum consultant, and administrator, with her experience and expertise as a parent, family therapist, and solution-focused coach. Vicky is widely known for adapting the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) model to support effective relationships within families, schools, and organizations. She is a public speaker, instructional leader, consultant and coach.

Vicky Essebag MEd-CPSY, OCT, CSFC - Founder and President, Relationspaces

Kirkus Review

Relationspaces; A Solution Handbook for Parents.
Essebag presents a parenting guide based on notions of appreciation and respect. The author—a teacher, guidance counselor, consultant, and administrator—begins her discussion of effective, compassionate parenting with some simple truths. “When children feel valued, they develop the confidence and resilience to face any of life’s challenges,” she writes. “Parents have a unique responsibility to create a home that supports a healthy and loving family.” In each chapter, Essebag deals with a different aspect of parenting and communication, using example dialogue at every point, either between parents and their children or between parents and Essebag herself: “Vicky: And when you’re kinder to yourself, what is that like? Martha: I’m accepting that I’m only human and that it’s okay to try and fail.” The chapters also feature modulated learning tools such as “Thought Boxes,” in which key concepts are presented in bullet points, as when listing various reasons why a child might become discouraged, for instance: “Disinterest—Children may procrastinate or decline an unwanted task (e.g., homework, a household chore, or family outing).” Chapters also include takeaways and discussion questions with blank spaces provided for readers’ answers. At all points, dialogue is stressed over top-down monologue, with constructive questions such as “What do you want to see happen in place of what is happening now?” Essebag writes in a pleasingly warm and nonconfrontational tone throughout, drawing on her long experience in parental counseling to anticipate typical friction-points encountered by families. She also varies the form and look of her information effectively. A comprehensive and clearly written plan for mindful, communicative childcare.
– Kirkus Reviews

Journal of Solution Focused Practices

Relationspaces; A Solution Handbook for Parents.
With each successive chapter, Vicky invites us – parents, solution focus practitioners, and also educators - to move forward and build understandings around the multiple elements of Relationspaces.

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– Leah Davcheva – Founder, Aha Moments