Prioritizing communication while fostering an intentional approach to developing healthy and inclusive relationships

Harnessing personal strengths, to support successful outcomes.

Looking beyond obstacles, to discover new possibilities and to create meaningful change.

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Guiding  your family,  your school or organization with solution-focused strategies to engage and sustain effective relationships.

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Transform relationships by implementing
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  • You want to develop a culture of productive and healthy relationships at home, or in your school/organization.

  • You see communication as playing an integral role in relationships.

  • You want to promote an inclusive environment that supports resilience and competence.

  • You're interested in effective goal-oriented problem-solving practices.

  • You want to see immediate benefits with practical tools and strategies.

Services for Schools and Organizations


We assist in organizational development, including solution-building to support specific topics and challenges. These sessions can also be packaged with presentations/workshops.

We offer instructional leadership and presentations that motivate and inspire stakeholders to use the six principles of relationspaces in schools and throughout the organization. We tailor workshops to the organization, to support current trends, goals and needs, with an emphasis on promoting well-being through intentional relationship-building practices.

Services for Parents

We offer a course that reflects on the 6 principles of relationspaces, which you can apply with your children and family to encourage healthy and productive relationships.

In large and small group formats, we offer presentations & workshops tailored specifically to parents that inspire parents to bring your best selves to your children and family, using the principles of relationspaces and solution-focused strategies.

About our founder

Vicky Essebag is a relational communication specialist and thought leader.

Vicky pairs her extensive background in education, with her experience and expertise as a solution-focused coach and family therapist. As a public speaker, instructional leader and consultant, Vicky inspires parents, schools and organizations to cultivate and strengthen communication that promotes inclusion, success and well-being for ALL.

Vicky Essebag MEd-CPSY, OCT, CSFC - Founder and President, Relationspaces

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