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A Call Across the Pond; Transforming Relationships at School, at Home and Beyond

Transform your relationships at school – with your students and peers, and in life – with your family, friends and colleagues. Enjoy conversations about prioritizing communication with an intentional approach to healthy and inclusive relationships. Tara Gretton and Vicky Essebag are experienced solution-focused practitioners and instructional leaders with a background in education, social work and family therapy. Over the past few months, Tara (UK), and Vicky (Canada), have enjoyed sharing their thoughts and reflections – across the pond. Join them during their regular chats as they share their insights and expertise. You will love their energy, inspiration and compassion as they promote well-being for ALL.


Interview with Vicky Essebag on Meg Durham’s School of Wellbeing Podcast

Ever wondered how to improve the quality of your relationships?

In this enlightening episode, Vicky Essebag, Relational Communication Specialist shares her wealth of knowledge. She introduces us to the concept of ‘relation spaces’, a unique approach that encourages us to bring our best selves to every interaction.

Vicky emphasizes the importance of open dialogues, respect, and appreciation in fostering positive relationships. She also highlights the value of focusing on incremental learning and success, rather than just outcomes. Furthermore, she provides practical strategies for dealing with challenges and stresses in our daily lives.

Listen now so you can transform your relationships through intentional, respectful, and meaningful conversations!

In this conversation we discuss:

  • What is a relationspace
  • The benefits of a solution-focused conversation
  • How we can improve the quality of our relationships
  • And so much more

With Relationspaces Power Bursts, Tara Gretton and Vicky Essebag share their experience and expertise as Solution-Focused practitioners, trainers, and instructional leaders, in short 5 minute bursts. Their goal is to help you transform your relationships in family, in schools and beyond, by discussing and answering key questions. Their conversations are based on quotes from the book Relationspaces; A Solution-Focused Handbook for parents.

About our founder

Vicky Essebag is a relational communication specialist and thought leader. Her background is in education and family therapy. Vicky is widely known for adapting the Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) model to support effective communication and healthy relationships within schools, organizations and families.

She is a public speaker, instructional leader, a certified solution-focused coach and trainer, and consultant who has presented extensively locally and abroad.

Vicky is also the author of Relationspaces; A Solution-Focused Handbook for Parents - inspiring parents to reflect on the intentionality of communication to support effective parenting, and to improve the whole family.

Vicky Essebag MEd-CPSY, OCT, CSFC - Founder and President, Relationspaces

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