What happens when you prioritize solution-focused communication in the relationship with your child/family/friend/colleague?

  • You develop a relationspace based on knowledge, caring and understanding for each other.
  • Your relationspace is respectful and inclusive, and promotes the development of a healthy self-concept.
  • You move from conversations centered on practicality, expectation, planning etc., to ones that involve an authentic exchange of information.
  • You encourage honesty in the relationship and a mindset to learning from each other.
  • Others see that they matter for who they are in the relationship, and value you for who you are.
  • Others begin to communicate openly and effectively – including listening and asking open questions, sharing, critical thinking and problem-solving. Even the youngest of children learn the vocabulary to support thoughts and emotions.
  • Others begin to prioritize communication as a means by which to reflect on their own experience, to process their thinking, to explore hopes and goals.
  • When you need to communicate for a specific purpose, an open and judgment-free relationspace is already in place.