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Course Description: Supporting Parents in Creating Relationspaces (RS) in Family

This course will transform relationships with your children and family. The exceptional tools of Solution-Focused Communication and the Six Principles of Relationspaces (RS) – reflection, strengths/assets, action, success, noticing, and hope, will enable you to bring your best self to the parent/child relationship, provide a solid foundation for healthy child development, and create a loving and supportive family dynamic. Relationspaces (RS) serves as a conceptual foundation for navigating successful, equitable and inclusive relationships that nurture wellness. You will learn proven methods to face parenting challenges as you engage with your child in productive interactions and conversations that result in successful outcomes. As you use the principles of RS in your parenting practice, you will find yourself positively approaching relationships in your family. In a hopeful climate, family members will feel empowered to learn with, and from each other. With a focus on developing productive relationspaces through ongoing learning and practice, RS is extremely collaborative, accessible and forgiving. 

Course Requirements

This is a LIVE, 3 week online course designed to take an in-depth look at Relationspaces (RS) with specific skills and strategies to explore your parenting practice.

Participants will be provided with a copy of the ebook. It is not a requirement to read the book prior to the course.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore their parenting style and practice through case scenarios, reflective exercises, and opportunities for discussion.

1 Session per week (Tuesdays from 7pm-9pm) Course runs on EST.
2 hours per session (1 1/2 hour workshop and 30 min. question period)
$195.00+tax (CAD) pp, for 3 sessions (and also includes a copy of the ebook)

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Services for Parents


We offer a course to teach parents the six principles of relationspaces, which you can apply with your children and family to encourage healthy and producttive relationships.

In large and small group formats, we offer presentations that inspire parents to bring your best selves to your children and family, using the principles of relationspaces and solution-focused tools.

We tailor workshops for parents based on the needs of your group or organization. These workshops embed active opportunities to apply learning.

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