Presentations & Workshops for Parents


  • Range from small to large groups, depending on need
  • Tailored specifically to parents 
  • 1 ½ – 2  1/2  hours in length
  • One full day (7 hours) for intensive RS training sessions
  • 45 – 60 minutes for keynote addresses.

Topics Generating the Most Interest for Parents

Topics are tailored to group needs:

In Preparation:

  • What are your needs
  • What is/are your topic/s of interest?
  • Approximately how many people would be involved?
  • What is your time frame
  • Do you prefer in-person or online presentations/workshops?
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    Services for Parents


    We offer a course to teach parents the six principles of relationspaces, which you can apply with your children and family to encourage healthy and producttive relationships.

    In large and small group formats, we offer presentations that inspire parents to bring your best selves to your children and family, using the principles of relationspaces and solution-focused tools.

    We tailor workshops for parents based on the needs of your group or organization. These workshops embed active opportunities to apply learning.

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