Consulting and Coaching for Schools and Organizations

We provide consulting and coaching to develop productive relationships within your school or organization based on your specific needs. We work with you to strategize and establish the best path to support all of your stakeholders through a transformative approach to achieve some of the following: 

  • A community of caring
  • A climate of equity and inclusion
  • A climate of mentorship and support
  • Commitment and productivity
  • Achievement and wellbeing
  • Resolution of challenging relationships
  • Resilient relationships

Services for Parents


We offer a course to teach parents the six principles of relationspaces, which you can apply with your children and family to encourage healthy and producttive relationships.

In large and small group formats, we offer presentations that inspire parents to bring your best selves to your children and family, using the principles of relationspaces and solution-focused tools.

We tailor workshops for parents based on the needs of your group or organization. These workshops embed active opportunities to apply learning.

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