Developing Relationspaces

What happens when you prioritize solution-focused communication in the relationship with your child/family/friend/colleague? You develop a relationspace based on knowledge, caring and understanding for each other. Your relationspace is respectful and inclusive, and promotes the development of a healthy self-concept. You move from conversations centered on practicality, expectation, planning etc., to ones that involve an… Continue reading Developing Relationspaces

Children as Decision-Makers?

Children develop confidence and autonomy when with guidance of a caring adult (e.g., a parent or teacher), are encouraged to actively resolve personal challenges (great or small). Depending on age and maturity, if left to their own devices, children may not have the awareness needed to recognize personally crafted decisions that can negatively affect their… Continue reading Children as Decision-Makers?


Conversations about SUCCESS often include the great outcomes, the big win, top evaluations, performances and presentations. This type of success is only available to the fortunate few. With a solution-focused mindset, success is accessible to everyone, as it represents the many accomplishments we experience in daily life, both large and small. What is a small… Continue reading Success


Communication has been the vehicle through which people connect and develop relationships from infancy through adulthood. We are a social species, motivated to develop and evolve within the context of others. When we interact, we do much more than exchange information. We express our thoughts and opinions, actively listen, engage both verbally and nonverbally, observe… Continue reading Communication

Teenagers Can Ignore Adults

Teenagers often tune off to adult wisdom – interpreting it as a personal affront on their own core beliefs, and their ability to problem-solve on their own. We can open the lines of communication and help to develop an improved relationship with our teens, by actively listening to, and supporting them in reflecting on their… Continue reading Teenagers Can Ignore Adults

The Importance of Fresh Starts

One of the best ways in which to show our appreciation to our children is to give them a fresh start each day. As we do, we send a strong message of acceptance and forgiveness, regardless of any setbacks experienced on the previous day. In a climate of hope, we celebrate with them the importance… Continue reading The Importance of Fresh Starts